Women Shave Their Faces Weekly?

Women Who Shve

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Yes they do - and they swear by it.

Women Lathering Up For A Close Shave

So, the New York Times published an article earlier this month in their Fashion and Style section called, “Sometimes Even Women Need and Smoothly Shaved Face.” I had to click. “What could they mean”?, I thought. Now, I know women have facial hair and shave, pluck, laser and electrolosize their faces. But, I assumed that shaving was the least desirable. It’s irritating, the hair grows back with sharp ends you can feel and for the curly girls (me among them), the hair curls back under the skin, leaving in-grown pimples. But, they start the article with celebrity facialist, Kate Somerville, who says she shaves at least once a week. Ok, there has to be something to this, right?

I immediately looked into it and found a wealth of information online. Here is what women who shave their faces educated me on:

  • It is the peach fuzz that is the main target of face-shaving. Shavers say that makeup goes on much smoother after they shave it. They are using it for exfoliation.
  • Most women shave from once a week to once a month.
  • Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor shaved their faces, according to Ms. Somerville, who said that an aesthetician who worked with them told her.
  • Tinkle, the razor commonly used for trimming eyebrows, is one of the tools of choice for scraping away peach fuzz.
  • The women who have admitted shaving all seam to have straight, fine hair.
Women shave their faces with Tinkle

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