Target is Attempting to Come Up With the Times – Swimsuits for “Every Body.”

Target Ava Viv Swimwear


The New "Target Loves Everybody" Campaign

Apparently, Target has launched Ava & Viv, a plus-size clothing collection, including swimwear. Unfortunately, this new line did not come out of a sense of progressive and inclusive policies, but a boycott by Target shoppers who found a dress listed on their site in a standard size described as “heather gray,” the other in a plus-size described as “manatee gray.” After apologies and mea culpas, Target has developed the new line with one of it’s “plus sized” customers.

Target launched the collection in February and added it’s newest capsule, swimwear, recently. So, on the positive side, here it is – a line of swimsuits that fit most American women: