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Itis still a small business, although she loves what she is doing.

We are ranked by Alexa within the top 200 most widely used websites in the world. We are currently building designs in 15 languages including British, and English German, French, Hindi Dutch European Indonesian, Czech, Japanese, Arabic. We hope to eventually release wikiHow in lots of different languages. Who we are A vibrant volunteer group of authors and authors from dozens of places form the primary of wikiHow. Everyone who contributes to wikiHow does it since it’s enjoyable. Different common motives folks contribute include the need to assist the want to create real-world abilities like writing and management, the happiness of collaborating on something larger-than anyone could realize separately, the enjoyment to be read by a large market, and also others. a modest paid staff of full time employees along with wikiHow inventor help in keeping wikiHow continue. Your headquarters are in a house in downtown Palo Alto, California.

It is important that you are not bad with grammar and that you have a talent for writing in english.

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