The Geriatric Starlett – Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel - Fabulous

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Albert Maysles' Documentary "Iris" explores the life and legacy of the absolutely amazing Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel – Style Is The Spirit – Expressed

Iris Apfel

“Iris” A Film by Albert Maysles

If you are into fashion and you don’t know about Iris Apfel, it is time.  The 93 year old style and fashion urbanitress is the subject of Albert Maysles’ (Gimme Shelter) last documentary. The 88 year old director passed earlier this spring. He brings us into the life of the energetic, irreverent and eccentric Iris Apfel and her 100 year old husband, Carl. Iris tells her own story, from her years as an interior designer to the founding of Old World Weavers, a fabric production company that created exact replicas of 18th and 19th Century fabrics to her recent adoption by the fashion world and mentor-ship of young designers.

Style as Substance

Throughout, it is this lady’s curiosity and passion for color, texture, shape, line and presentation in home decor and fashion and deep sense of play and experimentation that makes you fall in love with her. She believes that style is an expression of substance, not it’s opposite. This has not been a popularly held belief in our culture and is only starting to gain credibility now. If you are a fashion and style lover, go see this film. It is the inspiration and encouragement we all need to follow our own star and let it shine brightly.

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Iris Apfel is fabulous

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Iris Apfel on Matisse


Iris as Marie Antioinette

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